First-Generation Dragons

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Goal: $1,000

First-Generation Dragons


To assist in welcoming first-generation college students to Tiffin University, giving them a space to ask questions and receive peer support, and retain these students at Tiffin University for all four years.


To celebrate and recognize first-generation college students at Tiffin University, while assisting them throughout their four-year college journeys.  

Our definition of a First-Generation Dragon: “A student who has had neither parent nor caregiver attain a four-year baccalaureate degree” is described as a first-generation college student (Darling and Smith 204). Our definition includes the definition of Darling and Smith while adding that the student must be enrolled at Tiffin University.


  1. Welcome incoming first-generation college students to Tiffin University.
  2. Retain membership of first-generation dragons for all four years in order to support them on their collegiate journeys.
  3. Celebrate and recognize how amazing first-generation college students are for doing something no one in their families have yet accomplished.
  4. Being a support system for first-generation students here at Tiffin University by assisting them with their academic goals and their personal goals.



This group is open to anyone who:

  1. Is enrolled full-time at Tiffin University (12 or more credit hours per semester)
  2. Needs support as a first-generation college student in order to get their questions answered and have the support of other Tiffin University students there for them
  3. Has a desire to meet other students who also identify as a first-generation college student on campus
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