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Dragon Salute Month

Total Number of Donors: 40 
Donations Received: $1,079 

Dragon Salute Month

April has officially been dubbed our 2nd Annual Dragon Salute Month, dedicated to helping the class of 2022 raise funds for their senior sendoff gift. It is our hope to allow each future graduating class to leave behind a legacy of which they can be proud, a testament to their hard work. 

The possibilities for such gifts are endless and can take many forms, such as instating new scholarships to aid our student body or making physical improvements to campus. Students may also participate by designating a gift to an area of campus that has positively influenced them.

The goal for the 2022 challenge is 100% participation! 

What better way to honor the class of 2022's achievements than by helping to engrain it in our memories for years to come? Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

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